Steinmetz Hall will be an acoustically pure theater used for just about any social, educational or creative function without sacrificing acoustic integrity. It’s designed to achieve an N1 sound rating, which is the lowest level at which humans can detect sound. This space will be a game-changer for unamplified events. Its stage, walls and floor can lengthen, shorten or lower—offering an endless range of configuration options. When the 1,700-seat multiform theater opens, national and international artists who rely on pristine acoustics—like choral groups, instrumental ensembles and classical vocalists—will be an ideal fit.

Steinmetz Hall and the Green Room by the numbers:

  • 1,700 seats in Steinmetz Hall
  • 3,000-square-foot Green Room
  • 15 dressing rooms
  • 2,750-square-foot commercial kitchen
  • 9 concession areas
  • N1 sound rating
  • 28 wheelchair seats

The design of Steinmetz Hall is a feat of engineering. Along the rear of the stage is a 62-foot-high, 27-foot-deep shell of seating, which can be moved forward along heavy-duty steel tracks. In addition to two 53-foot-high movable stage towers, also with seating, flank the stage. The towers, which sit atop air casters, can likewise easily be slid into place. The Green Room is an open-floor performance space that includes leading-edge digital recording equipment and built-in video mounts to capture performances before live audiences. It’ll also be used for private events.

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