Steinmetz Hall’s ceiling framing, work done by SkyBuilders USA

The Dr. Phillips Performing Arts Center, which is located in Orlando, is a private, non-profit organization. They had an initiative for an expansion to their arts center, which included adding Steinmetz Hall. The goal of this addition would be to enrich the new generation and era of the performing arts by making the arts accessible to everyone. For this project, the general contractor was Whiting-Turner, who had hired SkyBuilders USA to work on Steinmetz Hall’s ceiling framing. The project scope would include; specialty insulation, specialty framing with engineering, fire resistive joint systems, and gypsum board assemblies, each of these consisting of their own important contributions to the new theater hall.

This being a major project for SkyBuilders USA, it presented a handful of challenges, one of them being making the layout for the theater’s ceiling framing. There were certain aspects to consider when doing this, for example; lighting fixtures, air slot diffusers, speakers, fire protection sprinkler system, and plywood panels for the finish veneer layer of the layout. Because this project was on the larger part of the scale, many precautions were taken to accomplish this intricate and complicated ceiling. One of the ways they contributed to the ceiling was by having their field team create a special framing to form a pathway for the sprinkler system. This was a crucial part of the project because of the importance of safety and how it correlated with the fire protection for the new theater hall. Soon after this had been done, it was approved by the general contractor.

Dr. Phillips Performing Arts Center

Just as this obstacle had been overcome, many others were as well. Skybuilders USA had found countless solutions to each problem that had risen during this $2.9 million project. Their dedication to achieving the nearly impossible had been presented throughout the duration of this. Walt Saxton, the project manager for this project, said “SkyBuilders has proven to be a capable, competent subcontractor, responsive and able to meet the schedule demands on what we would describe as a complex, difficult, and detailed project”. 

 However, the end objective was to create a space that could be used for social, educational, and host creative functions, and that was clearly and impressively achieved. This 1700 seated and range-friendly theater is fit to house any national or international choir or performers.

The Dr. Phillips project was an integral step forward for SkyBuilders USA. As this is one of their top commercial construction projects, the opportunity to help enrich the arts was a pleasure and an appreciated challenge. With each step that had been taken and the thorough work that had been done, SkyBuilders USA continues to show, as always, true excellence.