Jose, a disabled man who lives in Kissimmee, was living under dangerous conditions. He had a large hole in his floor. After learning about his story, the community began to come together to see what could be done for him.

After performing a site visit, the work he needed was beyond patchwork on the floor. The foundation of the house was falling apart, the ceiling was collapsing, and the all one part wasn’t attached to the floor. This project became larger than expected, but Jose has the right to feel safe and secure in his home.
We are accepting donations of supplies, money, and materials. Please visit us at Skybuilders4all, you can email Carissa Villa at or call 407-801-4403. We appreciate your help! Every bit matters!!!

Thanks to generous offerings of Pastor Norberto Fonseca and his congregation, they were able to provide the hotel room for him to stay in for the next month.

SkyBuilders USA has been on site removing the portions of the house framing that are no good. Rental n Depot has allowed us to use their trucks and other equipment. Thank you for your support. You are appreciated!